Ting Han Ting Han

Senior algorithm engineer
Knowledge graph group, Alibaba (Hangzhou, China)

Email: ting.han [AT] aist.go.jp

About Me


I'm a researcher at National Institue of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). I received my PhD from Bielefeld University, advised by Prof. Dr. David Schlangen. I was also a member of the Cognitive Interaction Technology Center of Excellence (CITEC) graduate school. Previously I earned a M.S. in computer vision and B.S. in computer science, both from Lanzhou University in China.

Iā€™m interested in enabling AIs to understand natural human communications. My PhD research focuses on exploring how natural language informs the interpretation of co-verbal gestures. Find more about the work I've done on my research page.

Keywords: Multimodal interactions, natural language processing, co-verbal gestures